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Website Design
Here is what I offer:

6 Page Website hosted on 50megs (your own site) for $500 (my design fee) with your own .com domain name such as something like: or

(10 page site can be made for $625 but most providers find 6 pages is enough) if you need something else, a price can be negotiated.)


> 1 MB Web Space
> 10 GB Bandwidth
> 50 MB File Size

*1 year Domain Registration
*1 year hosting fees
*One time submission to 50 search engines
* Basic Website Optimization, with title and meta tags
*3 months free daycare listing on my site (top listing for providers who have a website designed by me, a "Super Deluxe" Listing, after 3 months you can continue to list your daycare on my site for $96 a yr, which is discounted to the price of a Basic Listing Plus) see sample Super Deluxe Listing here:

*Website takes approx 4-6 weeks to complete

$ 500 Design Fee (one time fee)
$ 60 (approx) Starter Plus hosting fees (yearly fee, $59.95)
$ 20 .com domain registration fee (yearly fee, $19.95)
$580 TOTAL (graphics may be extra depending on what you choose)

**Updates/Editing to your site for $50 per session (optional/only as needed)

**Note that payment for renewal of hosting and domain fees (to 50megs) is the clients responsibility, just sets up, creates and builds your site and edits for you when needed. The websites belong to the client (you). So it is the clients responsibility to make payment for domain and hosting renewal fees.


Choose 6 from these pages or to your specifications (maximum 750 words per page)
*Home Page
*About Us Page
*Curriculum Page
*Enrollment Page
*Photo Page (maximum 30 Photos)
*Links Page
*Daily/Weekly News Page
*On-line Education Page
*Other (of your choice)
(Pages can be combined or Changed to your Specifications)

Additional Pages can be added later if needed for a charge of $50 per page.

*Cursor trails, visitors counters, scrolling marquee etc.. are all included features, no extra charge for those features. (Many other web designers charge extra for these)

Sample of websites I have designed:




Here are some free graphics
(free with purchase of membership @ $79.99):

School Template
Farm Template
Children/World Template
Wild West Template
Lizards Template
Surf's Up
Dr. Suess
NEW Daffodils
NEW Teacher Cubbies

Also you can choose graphics from but again these are at an additional charge.

Around the World Template $19.99,
This is a limited edition template and only 20 will be sold.
Fifties Jukebox HTML Template $19.99, graphics Fifties Fun $9.99
Safari Babies Template $24.99, & graphics Safari Babies $10.99
Sunny Garden Template $24.99, & graphics Spring $9.99
Pastel Flowers Template $19.99
Farm Template $18.99, & graphics Down on the Farm $12.99
Froggy Friends HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Froggy Friends $9.99
Explorers HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Safari Babies $10.99
Teacher's Desk Template $14.99, & graphics Computer Kiddies $10.99
Monkeys HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Monkeys $9.99
Learning Kids HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Learn & Play $11.00
Bee Happy HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Buzzy Busy Friends $9.99
By the Sea HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Seaside Sweeties $9.99
Safari Kids HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Safari Babies $10.99
Fairy Tales HTML Template $14.99, This is a limited edition template and only 20 will be sold. , & graphics Fairy Tales $12.99
Under the Sea HTML Template $14.99, & graphics Under the Sea $9.99
Carnival Kids Template $19.99, This is a limited edition template and only 20 will be sold. & graphics Carnival Kids $11.99

*Each website offer includes free one time submission to 10 to top search engines. After this time you will have to submit your site on your own.

Prices are approx, prices are subject to change depending on the hosting fees at the present time.

This is a lot of info to take in, if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me ask!!

Michelle Carson

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