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"Follow Up about avoiding scams"
Here is some information I found at about avoiding scams
Avoiding scams and fraud

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DEAR Providers!! BEWARE
PROVIDERS, beware of scams from foreign emails wanting you to provide care!!

A fellow provider emailed me this, I am so sorry this happened to her. I have seen reports of these scams on ABC Primetime Live or something, not of just daycares but trying to scam people other ways to. Basically they send you a check for over the amount they owe you and then they want you to send the difference back to them or someone else, problem is the check is BAD in the first place.

I think mostly these scams emails come from , I know when I post something there I always get these scams emails afterwards but since I am not actually providing care,I am just advertising my site, I knew it was a scam plus I was aware of this thru the media/TV etc....

So beware posting your listing on Craiglist , I just wouldn't respond to anyone needing care coming from a foreign country, and never cash a check and give someone the money until the check clears.

Pass this on to anyone you know!!

Please tell my fellow daycare providers to be careful of a scam that I got stung by. This person found me by my website and emailed me for over a month saying that she was the secretary to the "Right Rev. Andy Pearce" from Ghana, Africa -- and that he and his family would be in Carrollton for 8 wks for the holidays. During which time he needed childcare so he could do some speaking and would I keep his children.?? They sent pictures and even asked for my families sizes so they could bring traditional African garments. then they said they had overnighted me a check from their "sponsors" of the trip. I received an overnight UPS package with a cashiers check in it - but the amount was for $4550.00- I emailed them and asked why the check was so great. He called me ( with a VERY heavy African accent) and explained that I had received the check for his plane tickets and their plane was being held up for non- payment. He asked me to cash it -since it was made out to me - and western union him the money. So I did that -I went into my bank and even told the teller my whole story --- she cashed it and gave me all the money -----------well in a few days I found out that the cashiers check was a fake ! I called the local police and even the FBI - no one is able to do a thing because the African authorites are in on the scam and won't stop it ! So I am out $4550.00 !! This is a horrible thing to do to innocent people ! I don't have the money to cover this - I"ve had to take out a loan to cover it. I've had checks bounce and fees for that -it's a BIG mess. Please pass this onto everyone and don't let them be a victim!
Noelle Kitchens

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