T-Shirt Design Agreement

I understand once I make my payment for design fee, The Daycare Resource Connection will begin making my T-Shirt design. I will need fill out our form listing the options of design/print choice and the design will be put on all items available.
(t-shirts, hats, bags, mugs ect....) I can to choose to buy any of the items but I am not obligated to buy an certain number items with my design it printed on at any time.

When design is finished, The Daycare Resource Connection will send me a sample for my approval. I understand DRC can only make minor changes to original design. If I require a complete redesign, I may be charged a redesign fee. Once design is approved then DRC will post my merchandise on-line and notify me. Then I can go to our online store and purchase the items I want. I understand merchandise is not printed in advance, once I place my order and make my payment then cafepress will print my items and send them directly to me. DRC is not involved and printing and shipping items. Payment of actual t-shirts is made to cafepress, design fee is made to DRC.

I need to follow the instructions on-line for ordering and payments options. I can buy t-shirts for myself, my staff or children. I understand Parents and other clients of mine can go on-line and buy merchandise too. All I need to do is give them the website address. I understand I can return as many times as I wish and purchase items again and again. I understand T-shirts and other merchandise will reflect prices of other merchandsise on DRC's on-line shop.

I understand I must read Cafepress.com's Satisfaction Guarntee Policy before purchasing Items.
To read policy go here: Satisfaction Guarantee
I understand that if I am not satisfied with merchandise I must contact cafepress, not DRC.

DRC will post the name of my daycare, address and phone# email address ect.... at the top of your page (Free advertisement) If I have my own daycare website DRC can set up a link to and/or from on my T-shirt webpage.

DRC reserves the right to use my t-shirt design for purposes of redesign of other daycares, schools, ect...
DRC reserves the right to change the prices of merchandise periodically as needed to maintain a reasonable profit.