Field Trip Permission Slip

I ____________________ give permission for ____________________                       (name of parent)                                                                  (name of center)

to take my child ________________________ on field trips.
                                            (name of child)

This form will be placed in my child's file and I understand that I also need to sign a weekly field trip form that will be posted. My child needs to have consistent appropriate behavior to particiapte on field trips. If my child has consistent inappropriate behavior he/she may not be allowed to particiapte in field trips, as it my jeopardize the safety of the other children. Field trips are an earned priviledge, it may be necesssary to take away priviledges as consequences of a child's actions. I understand I may need to make other arangements for my child that day.

Parent signature _______________________________ Date___________________

Parents will be notified 1 week in advance as to the nature and cost, if any, of the field trip.

Field trips may include the following:

Local Libraries, Local Parks, McDonald's, Grocery Store, Movie Theatres
Pizza Hut, Local Bowling Center, Local Zoo, Science Museum, Local Fire Department,
Local Police Station, Skating Rink, Etc..........

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