About Us:

Teri's Tiny-Tot's

15649 Greatrock Road Brighton Co 80603


Type of Daycare: Home Daycare

Provider Name:Teri Hunter

Hours: Mon-Fri 7-5:30

Age Groups: 1yr 6yr

License#: 50116

Email: litning22blue@aol.com      VIEW MY RATINGS


* I am CPR/ 1st aid Certified
* Medication Certified
* FBI Background checked
* On-going Training every year for 30+yrs
* Mother of 2
* Grammy of six
* Licensed since 1981
* Universal precautions


I have enjoyed being in the "baby business" for over 30 yrs and our play-based childcare is filled with music, toy's, book's, friend's, & laughter,learning to share and care about one another.

Balanced days of age-appropriate play, learning activities & fun are provided, however our days are not fully focused on curriculum as "PLAYTIME"
is a wonderful learning tool!

Play encourages their creativities to become better problem solver's, develop's social & emotional skill's and is an important part of growing. In fact , play is critical to a child's growth and development.

I like the children to learn by "doing" , by which giving them a sense of independence , order & ability to concentrate. I promote positive social & character development, as well as care that is
stimulating to growing minds!

I promote practical life skills such as manners, sharing, educational activities , movement activities, group/individual time & indoor/outdoor play.
Provide healthy & yet ki d-friendly meals & snacks.
Busing to/from my door.


I view family childcare as a time when I can give my love & nurturing to a small group of children daily! I enjoy every minute with them and experiencing
their milestones together.

I take many trainings to help me have a better knowledge of understanding children's need's & how they grow & learn in this ever changing world.

I give unconditional love to all the children in my care and their need's come first and above all else.

I understand that all children & situations are different and shall be evaluated and treated on an individual basis.

While in my care positive reinforcement will be used.

I believe the most effective ways of reinforcing positive behaviors are -praise,resect, and re-direction.It is important for all children to feel respected,
secure, loved, important & special.

They will know that I am always here for them to help or listen, but never to judge!

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