About Us:

Anna's Bananas Daycare
Cold Saturday Drive, Finksburg, MD 21048

Phone#: 410-375-2321

Type of Daycare: Home Daycare

Owner: Anna Espinoza

Hours: 5:00AM-5:30PM

Age Groups: Infancy to 5 years old


Email: AnnaBananaDaycare@yahoo.com



Welcome to Anna's Bananas Daycare and Preschool too!

We provide a warm, caring environment for children to learn and grow. We provide the comfort of home and bringing preschool curriculum to a whole new level giving them an opportunity to discover, experiment,
explore, love, and laugh!

Our preschool learning experience room is
spacious, colorful, and clean.

Our preschool curriculum room is rich with experiences in art, music, movement, science, language arts, and math, with plenty of room for nurturing individual interests.

Nutrition is a big piece of the pie at Anna's Bananas Daycare!! We provide home-cooked meals and strive to provide many of our wholesome and nutritious meals with Organic fresh vegetables fruits and drinks to promote healthy eating habits! Kids are served
breakfast lunch and snacks.

Children learn through exploration, pretending, dramatic play, and effective communication.

We provide children the opportunities to develop their gross motor skills by running, climbing, and
playing organized games.

We provide opportunities to develop social skills and encourage each child to feel confident and
become excited about learning.

* Police Officer for over 5 years
* Fire Fighter I.
* took First Responder class at AACC
* Mother of 3 wonderful children
* CPR, FIRST Aid, AED, Finger Printed for background
* Licensed as a childcare provider in Catonsville
in 2006-2010


Anna's Bananas Daycare encourages kids to become enthusiastic Learners so they will be prepared for the kindergarten in the Big World head!

I am very excited about being able to give back to the community for I understand what it's like to be a working parent and student you and your child feel comfortable.

Photos coming soon

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