About Us:
ABC Montessori, LLC
7420 Beulah Street, Alexandria, Va., 22315
Phone#: 703-922-2989
Type of Daycare: Large Family Home Daycare
Provider Name:Farah Akhta
Hours: 7:00AM - 6:00PM
Age Groups: Infants - 5 year
License#: FDH 1108775-L109
Email: Farah_Akhtar@MSN.com
Website: www.abcmontessori.wix.com/home




The Montessori Infant curriculum is entirely child centered and plays to the tendencies of the infant....

Our main goal for the Toddler program is that each and every child feels safe, happy and loved every day....

* Bachelor of Education
* 15 Years of Teaching Experience
* 7 Years of Daycare Experience
* CPR, First Aid Trained
* Cleared Background Check
* Licensed for 7 Years
* Up to date on Training


We feel that daycare can and should be a positive experience for each and every child that we care for.

Therefore, we prefer to work side by side with parents.

We believe that every child is different.

We do our best to understand and meet their individual needs.

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