About Us:
Stepping Stones Family Day Home; & Learning Center
450 Sunnybrook Road Ridgeland, MS 39157
Phone: (769) 300-8255
Type of Daycare: Family Day Home
Owner/Provider: Vernessa L. Shelton
Hours: 24/7
Age Groups:1 yr-12 yrs
License: 20006409




·Child Development Associate (CDA)
·CPR/First Aid
·Medication Administration Training


Warm, safe and stimulating child-friendly environment in a home setting where children are welcomed
to discover, learn and play.

I promote healthy growth and development of children in my care by maintaining a low child ratio of (5) children. This ensures that each child can be provided
with more personalized attention.

The cozy corner in my home is set-up and well organized with developmentally appropriate toys, books and materials so that children can choose
what interests them.

I have plenty of outdoor space that promotes physical fitness, exploration and discovery fun.


Stepping Stones Family Day Home & Learning Center provides a quality child care experience in a
comfortable, home setting.

I believe each child is a unique and special individual who needs tons of TLC sprinkled with generous amounts
of hugs and attention.

I strive to create an atmosphere where children are never hurried or rushed to complete tasks but can take their time at their own speed.

I believe children have the right to be children but at the same time be treated equally with respect, regardless of their race, language, ability or gender.

I encourage the joy of learning by providing child-centered, play based learning experiences
for young children.

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Registration & Tuition:
Registration forms will include child care contract that is signed by parent(s), guardian and provider. Parent(s), guardians must provide a copy of the most current physical and immunization form 121.

I do not charge an enrollment or deposit fee!

Child Care Certificates Welcomed!!

Stepping Stones is open 24/7!

Tuition is paid every Friday for
following week of child care.

12 months-24 months $120 per week
(No Part-time schedule)

24 months-30 months (Not Potty Trained) $120 per week
(Part-time 2 days $50, 3 days $75, 4 days $100)

30 months-36 months (Fully Potty Trained) $110 per week
(Part-time 2 days $45, 3 days $70, 4 days $90)

36 months-48 months $100 per week
(Part-time 2 days $40, 3 days $60, 4 days $80)

48 months-60 months $80 per week
(Part-time 2 days $35, 3 days $50, 4 days $65)

60 months & up $70 per week
(Part-time 2 days $30, 3 days $45, 4 days $60)

Drop-in Rate Sun-Sat $30 per child.
Holiday Drop-in Day Rate $40 per child

Drop-in Hourly Rate: $8 per hour per child
2 hour minimum.

For Parent(s) who use child care subsidy certificates, I must receive all co-pays and required fees from you that you remain in good standing with the
child care subsidy program.

Meals & Menus:

USDA meals and snacks. I provide breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. I provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as
100% juices and 1% milk.

I incorporate the family-styled dining method which teaches children how to set tables for meals
and clean up afterwards.

Children use child sized utensils that help them serve themselves and pour their own beverages. A sense of independence to these tasks fosters respect for
food and better table manners.

I use developmentally and age appropriate toys, books and activities which nurture and stimulate creativity in children. Rather than having children sit and do pre-fabricated art crafts and worksheets, I focus on the domains of early childhood which help me track each child’s milestones of development. I create activities geared around these domains:

1.) Gross Motor-Using big muscles through exercise and play.

2.) Fine Motor-Activities that teach hand-eye coordination like coloring, painting, cutting with scissors, using tweezers or tearing paper.

3.) Language-Talking and listening skills. Reading books and using props that magically brings each story to life.

4.) Cognitive-This includes cause and effect,reasoning as well as early math skills.

5.) Social Emotional-Children are social beings and must be taught my mimicking positive social behaviors.

6.) Self-Help-Learning to dress and feed oneself, using the toilet, brushing teeth, tying shoes, etc. I foster independence in children which help them feel good about themselves.

7.) Spiritual & Moral-Children observe me as their provider being kind and considerate to others and by my example they learn how to communicate and interact with their peers. I teach “feelings” how to recognize emotions because children need to be taught how to verbally express their emotions to effectively communicate how they feel. If this is done, it eliminates the urge for them to lash out and hit or bite. I also teach morals like telling the truth (honesty) and asking permission before taking others belongings. Basically, the golden rule which is to “do unto others as you would want
them to do unto you.”

Child Care Director Qualifications-

I have a current Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential from the Council for
Early Childhood Professional Recognition (CECPR)

I provide quality care in a small group setting of (5) children.

I am the sole provider for (5) children in my care.