About Us:

My Little Angel Daycare

15884 S Blackfoot Ct. Olathe, KS 66062

Phone: 913-777-6506

Type of Daycare:Home Daycare

Owner/Provider: Jennifer Rodriguez

Hours: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Age Groups:newborn to school age

License: 0500804



·Licensed and meet all requirements needed
by the State and Health Dept.
·Classes taken include:
·Recognizing head trauma
·Signs and symptoms of abuse
·Child abuse and neglect
·SIDS and other infant deaths
·Infant CPR/First Aid done yearly
·I am also fluent in Spanish and have taken basic
Sign Language courses.


As a mother, I understand first hand how difficult it is to go back to work and the anxiety of leaving your precious son or daughter in the care of someone else. This is why I decided to open up a different type of daycare.

All children deserve to be loved and cared for and enjoy a peaceful place where they can learn and play. With this in mind I founded My Little Angel Daycare to exceed the expectations of In Home Day Care.

When it comes to our children care we, as parents, spare no expense. My Little Angel provides the care that you would expect at more expensive Childcare Centers. We have a dedicated area of almost 800 square feet for your children to enjoy. From top of the line Pottery Barn Furnishings that are made of safe materials to instructional toys that are free of any toxic chemicals.

Learning is a big part of the day and your children will be able to enjoy lessons in Spanish as well Basic Sign Language along with a dedicated curriculum prepared to keep our kids entertained while learning. As an instructor, I create lessons plans weekly and communicate with every parent on a daily basis so you always know what
your child did on their busy day.

My daycare is cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis with Green Products free of any
harsh chemicals and odors.

To put your mind at ease, our Daycare has a “Parent Open Door Policy” which allows the parents of my kids to visit us as much as they would like. The Daycare is also licensed by the State of Kansas and has received approval by the Fire Marshal. The Kansas Department of Health conducts frequent and random visits to verify that all their standards are met. All members of my household including myself have also passed a complete background check.

My Little Angel Daycare also provides extended hours giving the flexibility to drop of children as early as 7am and be picked up as late as 6pm which allows parents to continue with their careers without having to worry about being late to pick up their children.


I will provide a safe and healthy daycare that supports the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of your child.

I will strengthen a child's self-esteem by showing them respect, encouraging independence, and acknowledging their successes.

My Little Angel Daycare was founded with my own son and family in mind. I want the best for my son and I know you want the same for your own. This has been a project that I have prepared for and worked on for over a year. I am confident that your little one will have an amazing time at our daycare and that you will feel comfortable knowing that you provided the best In Home Day Care for your children where they are learning by having fun in a safe and loving environment.

My Little Angel will exceed the expectations of today's In Home Day Care and we look forward to the opportunity and getting to know you and your little one.


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Registration & Tuition:

Registration fee is $40.

I only require a deposit if I need to hold a spot open for a child for a while.

Deposits are to guarantee your placement in my facility and are not refundable.


Daily Schedule:
7:00 - Free play time while others arrive.
8:30 - Preschool time begins.
8:40 - First circle: Flag salute, calendar, weather.
9:00 - They have free choice of center.
10:30 - Snack.
10:40 - Creative Movement - tumbling, balancing, etc...
11:40 - Story Time
12:00 - Lunch.
12:30 - Fine Motor Skills -puzzles, books, etc...
1:00 - Nap time.
3:00 - Wake up and put away bedding and mats.
3:20 - Snack.
3:40 - Free play time until parents arrive.
6:00 - End of school day.

Meals & Menus:

I provide 2 meals and 2 snacks daily for toddlers.

Baby food and cereal will be provided by parents.