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Ari's Little Ones

Ari's Little Ones
Owner/Director: Ari Farrell
Type of Center: Home Daycare
15701 W. 141st Terr.
Olathe, KS 66062
Email Address:
Phone Number: (913) 375-3863
Hours: 7:00 am to 5:30 pm
Age groups: 3 to 5 years old
License Number: Upon request


Thank you for your interest in my Home Daycare.
I am proud to be a home daycare provider to the
wonderful children who I enjoy to nurture and care for.
I like to work with a group of 4 to 7 kids at the time.

My Daycare is designed to stimulate children's imaginations, to make learning fun, allow them to play freely and explore curiosity and interest.
I have a great flat and shady back yard with play toys and privacy fence.

Your children will feel safe, secure, loved, and will begin to build a positive self-image while in my daycare. I offer lots of love, fun, and a happy environment full of opportunities for exploration and discoveries.

I have a "Smoke Free" home, a large "Kid Friendly" room.
I provide quality child care services with hot nutritious meals and planned daily Preschool Activities.


I believe Childhood is a short and precious time.
My primary goals are to make children believe that they are smart
and capable learners, and can have fun as the learning
process reinforces itself.

I offer loving care that focuses on each child as a unique and
wonderful individual and in doing so, building self-esteem
and respect for others.

Each and every one of the children I have and
care for has left an impression in my
heart and I wouldn't change it for anything!

* 9 Years experience in licensed Home Day Care
* Nutrition program
* Inspections from State Once a year
* Nutrition Program inspection 3 to 4 times a year
References always available

Those are some of the classes of training I have taken:
* Family Involment
* Sign and Symptoms
* Crayola Shop
* The importance of Play
* Baby Talk, Child abuse & Neglect
* One Through Toddler hood
* Zero to twelve month development
* I am your Child (teaching limits with love
* Leaps and Bounds
* ABC's of Supervision, Quality Child Care,
* 1, 2, 3 Magic
(Learn how to get your kids to stop doing what you don't want them to do with love)

* Creativity and Play, Emergency Action,
* Is your child Gifted, Toddler Takes
* The Daycare Dilemma
* Using 911 to protect your self
Choosing the right toy for babies and toddlers
* Infant and Toddler Emergency FIST AID
* How to save your child or baby
* When every second counts
*Nutrition (4-8 hours a year)
*Healthy Child Care of Kansas
* Dealing with Challenging Behaviors
* Healthy learning and Brain Development
* Helping kids grow up Healthy
* Healthy Kansas Kids
* Hands on Learning (Montessori learning program)
* CPR and First Aid CERTIFIED
* Conference provide by NAEYC
(Mid America Association for the education of young
children at Francis Child Development Institute)
(Metropolitan Community College- Penn Valley)


No registration or enrollment fees

Call for rate information I have affordable rates

Meals & Menu Descriptions:

I'm proud to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). CACFP is a federal program, run by the USDA's food and nutrition program. The main goal of CACFP is to ensure children are receiving nutitious and appealing foods. The program strives to help children make healthy choices and give them the foundation needed to make good nutition part of daily life.

I provide each child with breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, meals are like other scheduled activities, they are an exceptionally good learning times. Children can learn to eat with a group, and to try new foods. They will also learn by watching each others.

Children are offered food from each food group and encouraged to try new things, however, if they do not want to eat something they are not required to do so.

Preschool Program, Basic Sign language and Spanish classes, Circle time, songs, music (instruments), games, Story time, sand and water activities and toys, play dough, crafts and many hands on manipulative toys and games to practice their hand and eye coordination skills, and self help skills I focus on helping the child have a brighter future and get ready for school. (All materials, games, toys that I have are from school supply stores.) Every Friday Kids are welcome to come in their PJ's! We have a Story time and snack outside in a tent. {When weather permits}

Why Structure. Structure is a major part of my Home Daycare.

I have daily scheduled activities to keep the children active and involved. I have seen over the years that children thrive in an environment where structure is present and the children know what to expect from day to day. My schedule is designed to have structured and guided activities and also allows plenty of time for free play for the development of imagination and creativity.


My self, my back up is my Sister who is a Day Care provider as well and my daughter who is in KU, both have experience with the kids and training and TB test. They are also approved by Kansas State.


Once a month you will get newsletter with the songs, games, rhymes, etc. and a calendar with the lessons and celebrations. I take a lot of pictures that you can share with your love ones. My daycare updates a private online photo album each month with pictures of all the fun the children have had at daycare. Parents are able to view the different activities offered each week.


Ari's Little Ones Day Care is located near 143rd Street and Black Bob Road. I'm near to Frontier Junior High, Briarwood Elementary, Black Bob Elementary, and Prince of Peace schools, Walmart, Lowes
(Santa Fe and Black Bob Road locations)



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