Brown Bear, Brown Bear Class Made Book



1) Print out Cover Page
2) Print Page 1 on the back on Cover Page.
3) Print Pages 2-11 seperately.
4) Print the animal pictures pages from

Making & Assembling Book:

1) Cut out the Animal images and have children paint or color
2) Assemble Print Pages(Words) in order, then glue the animal pictures on the backs of the printed word pages in the correct order.
3) Punch holes into left side of pages and tie together with ribbon or string or you can use binder rings.


1) Add 2 or more pages if needed after the childrens page to add a photo of each child with thier name underneath thier picture.
2) Or send home with each child and have parents add their picture at the end of the book after they read the book with thier child.
3) Laminate cover page & bind book with spiral bind or option of your choice.

* Kinkos, Office Depot, Or Staples, will sprial bind books for you with a clear plastic cover sheet and vinyl backing for about $6.00 each. I was able to find a local (non franchise) Printer to spiral bind books for $1.95 with plastic cover sheet, but no backing. So look around you might find a cheaper price.